Saturday, January 23, 2010

Then you need to build a wall at each end of the greenhouse. I went to a used building supply store and bought a window (approximately 2 ft. high by 3 ft wide) and a 36 inch storm door. I framed one end for each of these with pressure treated 2 x 4's. Some people prefer a door at both ends of their greenhouse.

After the wood is all installed it's time put on the plastic! Greenhouse plastic comes in different lengths and widths. It's different than the usual clear plastic that you can buy at a building supply. You will need the plastic at least 24 ft. wide and as long as your greenhouse plus at least 12 ft. I've found that it's difficult to find the exact right length and so I have to buy a length twice as long as I need. This is ok since the plastic lasts about 6 years on a greenhouse and you will have replacement plastic ready in your basement if you remember where you put the box!

Cut your plastic to the correct length and have some friends help you place it over the greenhouse. You will now need 1/4 inch pressure treated firring strips to secure the plastic to the horizontal boards 2 ft. from the ground. Secure one side then have help pulling the plastic tight before securing it to the other side.

Then you need to secure the plastic to the ends with firring strips.

You will have 2 – 3 feet of plastic hanging below the wooden 1 x 3 boards on each side of your greenhouse. These need to be taped to another 1 inch PVC pipe. You will need to use a special greenhouse tape that is available from the place you buy the greenhouse plastic. Tape the end of the plastic to the PVC pipe. It can be rolled up to allow ventilation in the spring, summer and fall and allowed to un-roll in the winter to keep the greenhouse toasty. Little pieces of string and screws will allow you to hold the pipe with rolled up plastic in the “up” position and this can be easily undone to allow the pipe to unroll when it’s cold.

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